28 September, 2021

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How to improve with the guitar

There are times, when when you start playing the guitar, everything becomes desperate, because you see that you are not advanced or at least not what you would like, that in many people it causes frustration and causes them to consider abandoning learning.

Learning to play the flamenco guitar is comparable to wanting to learn a language or lose weight, it requires an effort, which in many cases the person is not psychologically prepared to overcome this obstacle.

The guitar requires a routine, marking short and long term goals but realistically

We start

Once you have this clear, we must analyze where our weakness is, in the technical part. And little by little we are marking tasks to overcome these problems.
If it is a technique, to improve we must overcome several problems, which are usually caused by the following reasons:

Problems with strumming:

An inadequate hand position. To solve the problem, we will observe how other flamenco guitarists place their hands, fingers when executing this technique.

Problems with thumb, arpeggios and tremolo:

Normally, it is due to an incorrect placement of the hand and especially to the rhythm, since surely we are not giving the exact value of each note to the technique and that is a problem. (I recommend reading the Vademecum book by the flamenco guitarist)

Problems with chopping:

The main mistake is usually to repeat the finger and not to alternate them at the time of execution. This is due to what I call the dominant finger and we must overcome this problem if we want to play fast (I recommend watching this video)

Problems with the compass:

  Nowadays the rhythm is taught in a way that is more difficult for the student and this makes it cost a lot more work to understand the compasses of flamenco and end with some misconceptions and mark the beat times in a way that does not help you improve (I recommend watching this video) All this is a must in the guitar academy.