Why does the weather affect my guitar?

There are many flamenco guitar students who ask me why their guitars no longer sound the same.

The guitars, depending on the weather or season of the year, change their sound, it is very normal, and in regions where the climate changes are more abrupt, the change is even more appreciated.

The guitar and its region of residence

In my case, I live in Huelva, the city of Spain with more hours of sun and therefore where the days are longer, it is a coastal place and the humidity is very abundant. The weather changes from heat to cold and are very constant and that unfortunately affects the instrument for the guitarists of huelva.

Why does the weather affect the guitar?

I usually appreciate those changes in my guitars and I am sorry to say that it is inevitable.

It is important to have the guitar stored in the driest place of the house in winter, in summer it is the opposite.

How do I know that my guitar is affected?

The guitar loses or gains sound, normally with moisture the instrument loses sound. 

Another symptom is that the guitar can make strange sounds, which is also normal and is removed with the change of weather.

In the next article I will talk about the woods that are most affected by the climate change and what remedies to use to improve their condition.