19 October, 2021

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flamenco guitar

flamenco guitar


Flamenco guitar teachers:

More and more students are asking me about classmates and their ways of teaching how to play flamenco guitar. Because more and more flamenco guitar teachers are uploading video tutorials.
Starting from the base, which each teacher has his or her way of teaching, I always try to learn from the student’s knowledge, as one student once told me, one of them “It’s been so long since you learned to play the guitar, that you no longer remember what how difficult it is ”

Youtube World

Youtube is a great source of knowledge, but for those who already know how to play the guitar. I do not advise that anyone learn from youtube from the beginning, in my youtube channel (Click to subscribe) I leave many times record of it. Because the real problem with guitar learning is that the teacher has to review what you are doing and that cannot be done from youtube. Also, the amount of content can disperse the student’s study and that is not good either.

I also appreciate that many of youtubers who practice as a guitar teacher do not have a physical academy, which makes me wonder if they really have the experience to teach.

Positive part:

Not everything is negative, because youtube can help people who already have a wide knowledge and can give them some other interesting points of view, which may not be in their guitar courses.

My Guitar Method

In my flamenco online courses, I emphasize my students so that, weekly, they send me videos of their progress, because only then, will they know if they are doing the right thing. I try to answer as quickly as possible, which thanks to technological advances are usually in the first minutes of the question asked.

For me, the way to study the guitar is paramount and to mark a study to each student, of how he must study is more fundamental than the quantity and the subject to be treated.

Learning to play the Spanish guitar is difficult and like everything in life learning with someone in the area will give you greater knowledge.