19 October, 2021

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Are you depressed from the guitar?

This weekend I read a small children’s book entitled “Mama there is a monster in my head”, the book is written by a child and when I read it I remembered a flamenco artist from Huelva calling Paco Toronjo that said, “Only the kids and the drunks tell the truth ”

It is true that we all have a monster in our head that speaks to us badly and is responsible for our failure in many of the things we do. In my twenty years of experience teaching guitar, the highest dropout rate is due to that monster that speaks to them and tells them that playing the guitar is very difficult and that they will not be able to play wel

We learn from mistakes:

I must admit, that at first I did not have enough tools to combat this and on many occasions, I did not appreciate when the student had these thoughts. Today, I help the student throughout learning, so that monster does not appear. But it is very normal, that at certain times make presence and have to fight with him. The guitar teacher has a lot to say about and has to teach how to overcome this obstacle.

Why do we have a monster?

It is true that this instinct is very natural, since we have it for millions of years and it served as protection against possible dangers, such as predators. The human being, no longer has those predators, therefore, that primitive fear has been transformed into fear of failure or worse, terror to leave our comfort zone.

How to fight the monster?

In the children’s book, the child imagines a good monster that helps him and covers the mouth of the bad monster. I think that every person is a world, because in my case I need that monster, to tell me that I can’t do things and that way I motivate myself more and get what I want. The best we can do is set weekly small and realistic goals and that way we will get the monster has no room to maneuver to tell us what we can achieve or not. I my courses I try to help the student has overcome all this.

“Complaining is one of the ego’s favorite strategies to reinforce. Every complaint is an interpretation that the mind invents and that you believe completely. ”




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