19 October, 2021

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Thumb Technique
How to improve ?

It has always been the technique most used in flamenco and of course, the one that gives the best sound to flamenco guitar. The way of performing is very different from that of the classic one, from the position of the hand, to the sound you want to obtain.

A correct position

The way of placing the hand is very important, then, only if we have an adequate position the sound and the speed that is obtained will be very relevant.

In my guitar lessons I always tell my students that the tip of the thumb has to be parallel to the top of the guitar and this part will never be in a lower position at the beginning of the finger, it is as if it were a crane, at the moment , if this is not fulfilled, the speed and strength will be greatly reduced.

Touch with a nail or yolk.

When I execute this technique, I usually press with the yolk, then drag with the nail, which gives it a fairly powerful sound without being strident.


The best way to gain speed is to practice very slowly, in my principles, I used some resources to improve this technique, for the most interested you can consult my book the Vademecum Del Flamenco Guitarist, where I talk about my experiences when working on this In our YouTube channel there are several videos talking about Picado, you can subscribe for free and watch the videos in this link (click here)

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