28 September, 2021

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The tremolo is one of the most beautiful guitar techniques for me.

You have to have a very good technique for the sound to be good.

 In my book Vademecum del Guitarrista (soon in English), I talk about how this technique should study, to achieve an optimal result, however, in

This article will give you some tips.

Classic tremolo or Flamenco?


The difference between a tremolo or another, is that in the classic, four notes executed with the thumb, ring, heart and index are used successively. While the flamenco tremolo, the thumb, index, ring, heart and index finger are used successively.

I, depending on the flamenco style you are playing, I usually use a tremolo or another because there are flamenco sticks, which due to its rhythm it is easier to play one or the other. For example, in sticks such as Fandangos, Alegrías, Tangos, etc. I use classic tremolo while in sticks like Granainas, Malagueñas, Tarantas, Soleá, etc. I use the flamenco tremolo.


Exercises to improve the tremolo.


The first thing I advise is to practice the tremolo from the second string, because if we manage to make a clean tremolo on the second string then in the first one it will be easy.


Another thing to keep in mind is that each note must have the same value, that is, if we use the classic tremolo of thumb, ring, heart and index, everything must have the same duration, because the error that is usually to commit is to give another value other than the note given with the thumb. This makes rhythmic cells different and this can become a vice.


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