28 September, 2021

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online flamenco guitar

flamenco guitar


Today I will play a falseta by Soleá, for this I will use the double arpeggio technique

This falseta is widely used by flamenco guitarists when they are accompanying a cantaor.

You can download the free tabulate from our flamenco guitar online website (click here)

La Soleá

The soleá is a flamenco style divided into twelve times and the accents accented are three, six, eight, ten and twelve.

There are many styles of soleá and they are divided by geographical areas:

Solea de ​​Cádiz.
Alcala Solea
Triana Solea
Solea de Jerez.
Lebrija Solea.
Solea de Córdoba.

They all follow the same structure but have nuances that differentiate them from each other.


In our online flamenco courses you can learn to accompany all styles, every month we work a specific flamenco style. Our academy has more than 200 videos divided into flamenco clubs. You can learn from home with flamenco guitar teacher Antonio Dovao.

If you want to learn to play the guitar and build your guitar you can visit our guitar and luthier academy in Huelva La Cavaera.

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