28 September, 2021

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Today I bring a falseta by fandangos de Alosno of the guitarist “El Pinche”.

El Pinche was a guitarist from the town of Alosno who had a different way of playing the guitar.

Flamenco guitar lesson

Today I play one of most popular falsetas the guitarrist

For this I’m going to play at normal speed and then I’ll play slow. Remember that you can download the tabulated video from the Free section.(Click Here)

Learning to play flamenco

This month our premium course is dedicated to natural fandangos. Each month we dedicate it to a new theme. There are already more than 200 videos, therefore you can learn to play flamenco from home.

You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel in Spanish by clicking here (flamenco guitar teacher)


Antonio dovao 

Flamenco guitarist


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