28 September, 2021

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Of course, physical conditions influence guitar learning and the sound we will get. But I have to say, I have seen guitarists who can learn to play guitar with very small hands and play beautifully and vice versa, I have seen guitarists with very big hands and have a poor sound.

The willingness to learn to play the guitar.

Studying is everything, and taking advantage of our physical condition is the key. As I said before, as much as we would like to play as fast as our admired Paco de Lucía played, if he is not in our physical condition, we can not do it, because the sport would be full of runners, like Usain Bolt and swimmers like Michael Phelps. But that should not discourage us, because I think that each of us has something magical to teach, we just have to find what it is.

Physicals conditions

If true, most virtuoso guitarists have long thin fingers, but there are exceptions, such as Teacher Manolo Sanlúcar, who has five “croquettes” like fingers and yet is one of the clearest guitarists in the world of flamenco. .Therefore, we should not demotivate ourselves and look for our timbre when playing the guitar that is like our DNA and what will differentiate us from all the others.

In flamenco guitar online we do not care about the size of your hands, but you learn flamenco. That is why we created this flamenco guitar academy with a flamenco guitar teacher from Spain so that he can learn the importance of flamenco, which for us is to play the flamenco guitar with character and with the flamenco label.

The flamenco guitar teacher Antonio Dovao will solve all your doubts through the website and whatsapp.

You can also follow our YouTube channel in Spanish cursodeguitarraflamenca.com and our Flamenco Guitar Academy in Spanish www.cursodeguitarraflamenca.com