19 October, 2021

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online flamenco guitar


How to play sevillanas?

 The history of sevillanas

The sevillanas comes from the seguidillas, which are cantes and touch very old.

Alosno Seguidillas

The seguidillas of Alosno and the seguidillas of Zalamea, are the oldest of the Andalusian folklore. The two provinces belong to the city of Huelva.Is it a

Flamenco style from Sevilla and seguidillas?

Las seguidillas and sevillanas is not considered flamenco style as it belongs to popular music. His compass is 3/4 and is characterized by the strumming of the guitar. I consider it a good style to start learning to play flamenco. Because most of the flamenco styles are in compars of 3/4

Flamenco Guitar Video

I invite you to watch this video and you will learn with me how to play one of Alosno’s oldest Alosneras seguidillas. Seguidillas that are played every year at the village festivities when May arrives.

You can download the tablature of the Online Flamenco Academy, in our free section. (Click here)

Online Flamenco Guitar

I inform you that in this month in online flamenco guitar I have posted our monthly course How to accompany natural fandangos? If you are not yet subscribed, visit our guitar courses.

You can also visit the youtube channel of our online Guitar Academy and send your guitar questions there and we will answer as soon as possible. If you are already enrolled in our courses you can contact me to answer questions on the academy phone.

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Flamenco Guitar Academy in Huelva

In me academy you will learn to play and accompany all styles of flamenco and you can also make your guitar if you wish. You can visit our academy in this link. Guitar Academy in Huelva


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