28 September, 2021

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In my beginnings, one of the things I used most in my studies was to work in front of a mirror. See the position of the hands is very important to observe if something strange happens when executing a technique.

I think this is very important to move faster and improve the aesthetics of the technique, now, although the hands must have a specific position for each technique, I must say that each person has different physical conditions and that is why we can not become obsessed

One Position for each technique

What I am going to comment is very special and it is how I place my hands for each technique and with this, I do not mean that it is the right thing for everyone, but it is for me and my physical conditions.

The tremolo: I like to have the hand straight and perpendicular to the strings for a correct execution.

The Picado: Exactly the same as the position of the tremolo, although the wrist is a little more tilted to the right.

The arpeggio: Same as the Tremolo.

The rasgueos: Both in the strum of three as in the four fingers, I like to tilt the wrist to the right to play all the strings.

The alzapúa and the thumb: in these techniques, it is very important that the hand is separated from the upper part of the guitar and that the ring and the middle fingers should touch the lid. The lower part of the thumb can never be lower than the tip of the thumb, to obtain a good speed, and the tip of the thumb should be straight looking up.

The Left Hand of the guitarist

There are more details and more techniques, but it is complicated to explain everything and especially without being able to show it visually, but I wanted to tell you about this, because I think it helped me a lot in my learning. I have to conclude by saying that with the mirror we greatly improve the left hand, because in this way we do not have the need to look at the mast while we play something complex and we take away the mania of looking to play.

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