Which hand is more important to play flamenco?

Which hand is more important to play flamenco, the right or the left?

Firstly we must depart from the fact that we need both hands to play the guitar. Today there is too much concern about the left hand. Many students come to my classes and they want to play a lot of musical notes, show a lot of knowledge in harmony and play chords that are barely used in flamenco. The first thing I tell them is that it must sound flamenco using traditional notes, what already is an achievement. Only then we could add new resources to our guitar.

The importance of the right hand

I consider the right hand is the one that makes it sound flamenco. If there is not a good right hand technique, we will not get the meaning across.

I always point out that any guitarist coming from other styles gives many notes, but this does not make it flamenco. We must lay strong foundations and then it will sound flamenco.

To understand flamenco

we should know that flamenco singing is an atonal singing style, and on lots of ocassions the singer goes one way and the guitar goes another and that is our idiosyncrasy. This, coupled with the right hand, catches the attention of so many foreign people. Today there are many guitarists that are not taking this into account and they want to give all the notes given by the singer and consequently they lose the flamenco identity.

What do I think about this?

My opinion is clear, without the appropriate learning of the right hand as well as the broad knowledge of flamenco singing we could not play with the touch that makes our music unique.