What guitar should I buy when I start to play to guitar?

This is a usual question at the beginning of the course and today we are going to give five useful tips you should take into account to buy your first
musical instrument.

These are the five tips to buy a guitar:

First, our decision should not be influenced too much by the name of very famous or popular brands.
In the market there are guitars that are not so popular and they are even better.
Second, we should not take into account the guitar appearance so much.
The strings distance to the neck is more important. If it is too much, our fingers will hurt.

Third, we should feel comfortable when we play the guitar. The resonance box size is not the same in every guitar and this affects the way it is placed in our body.

Fourth, we should not buy a guitar that is too hard, since a beginner’s hands are not still strong enough to play a high tension guitar.
Fifth, the price is also the most problematic factor. Lots of students tell me that they don’t want to spend a lot of money on their first guitar just in case they gave it up if they weren’t able to learn.
I do understand them to a certain extent, but I think that if you are not sure you are going to learn, it is a lot better not to start.
Besides it is sometimes better to buy a second hand guitar, since you can get a better guitar for the same money or less.